Tonight: Bundesvision Song Contest 2015

Live From 20:15 CET
Live From 20:15 CET

Tonight the 11th Bundesvision Song Contest will be taking place live from the OVB Arena in Bremen. 16 Bundesland will be competing to win Germany’s biggest song contest.

This years Bundesvision Song Contest is being staged in Bremen at the 14,000 seat OVB Arena, 16 singers from the 16 Bundesland will be taking to the stage where the German public will decide who is crowned the winner of the Bundesvision Song Contest. The show is being hosted tonight by Stefan Raab, it is expected to be his last time hosting the show that he created back in 2005.

Favourites going into the competition tonight are Mark Forster and Yvonne Catterfled both of whom are aiming to bring home the first wins for their respective states. The most successful Bundesland in the Bundesvision Song Contest is Berlin, they’ve won a total of 3 times and scored 1,012 points since 2005, while Saarland have scored just 328 points.

Running order tonight is:

  1. Hamburg – Ferris MC –  Monstertruck
  2. Brandenburg – Ewig – Ein Geschenk
  3. Saarland – PerDu – Lange Nicht Getanzt
  4. Saxony-Anhalt – 3Viertelelf – Mona Lisa
  5. Baden-Württemberg – Glasperlenspiel – Geiles Leben
  6. Saxony – Radio Doria – Sehnsucht Nr. 7
  7. Schleswig-Holstein – Jeden Tag Silvester – Dein Glück
  8. North Rhine-Westphala – Donots – Dann ohne mich
  9. Berlin – Lary – Bedtime Blues
  10. Mecklenburg-Vorpommen – Buddy Buxbaum – Termin Im Park
  11. Thuringia – Yvonne Catterfeld – Lieber So
  12. Bavaria – Wunderkynd – Hallo, Hallo
  13. Lower Saxony – Madsen – Küss mich!
  14. Bremen – Gloria – Geister
  15. Hesse – Namika – Hellwach
  16. Rhineland-Palatinate – Mark Forster – Bauch und Kopf

Unlike the Eurovision Song Contest, viewers are able to vote for their own state. The points will be announced from the 16 Bundesland by local radio stations, expect a lot of 12 points for their own states.

The show starts from 20:15 CET and can be watched live on ProSieben, you can watch outside of Germany live here.

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