Tonight: Crimea Selects For Istanbul

Crimea Selects For Turkvizyon & Bala Turkvizyon
Crimea Selects For Turkvizyon & Bala Turkvizyon

Tonight Crimea will be selecting their participants for Turkvizyon & Bala Turkvizyon 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The selection kicks off at 18:00 local time at the Crimea Tatar Theater in Sevastopol. The selection is being organised by TRK Millet (ТРК Миллет) the new Crimean broadcaster in charge of participation in both of the contests.

The names of the participants in both of the selections are not know, what is known is that the participants from Crimea will be selected using a jury. It is not known if the selection is being broadcast live, if it is being broadcast live the selection can be viewed here.

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