Tonight: Crimea Selects Their Participant For Turkvision & Bala Turkvision 2016

Tonight Crimea will select the singers that will represent the region at both Turkvision and Bala Turkvision 2016 in Turkey this December.

From 16:00 CET Crimea will hold their selection final for both the Turkvision and Bala Turkvision Song Contest 2016 in Turkey. The selection is being held in Simferopol at the Crimean Tatar Academic Music and Drama Theatre. Crimea is returning to the contest this year having been unable to compete in last years contest in Istanbul. Crimea along with other Russian regions were forced to withdraw from the contest due to a deterioration in relations between the Russian Federation and Turkey.

In 2015 Crimea had selected Safiye Denishaeva to represent them at the Turkvision Song Contest with the song “Aqin Dostlar”. While AIiye Bekirova was selected to compete in the Bala Turkvision Song Contest 2015 with the song “Amanim yarim”.

Watch the advert for tomorrow’s selection below:

4 replies on “ Tonight: Crimea Selects Their Participant For Turkvision & Bala Turkvision 2016 ”
    1. I’ve tried to contact a couple of the organisers to see what the result was. We’ll publish something when we find out the results.

        1. I am impressed by the way it’s possible to keep a whole, international, competition a secret. When all the world is connected thru this thing called Internet, still not a single person in this world is talking about this online. One would belive that some of the audiences would post who won… or some of the TV-Viewers (if it’s held on TV)… maybe the winner would wanna tell the world she won? The Turkvision-secrets are better kept that the missions of a secret Soviet submarine during the cold war. I sometimes starts wondering… does anyone really care about this competition? Is it only Eurovoix and a few “crazy” (former or present) Eurovision-fans from the West (including myself) who gives a sh… about this? Or… what did we, the fans, misunderstand about it all? Do they write their stuff about this competition on type-writers in glossy paper- magazines, or is it just for real one of the most un-important competitions ever held?

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