Tonight: Semi Final of International Pop Song Performers Contest “Vitebsk-2016”

Semi Final takes place tonight
Semi Final takes place tonight

Tonight the semi final of the International Pop Song Performers Contest at the 25th Slavianski Bazaar gets underway.

21 singers from across the globe will be taking to the stage in Vibetsk, Belarus all hoping to make the final. The performers will be singing three songs each less than four minutes long, they will be accompanied on stage by a live orchestra. The jury will select 15 singers to go through to the final on Sunday night.

The running order for the show was decided yesterday afternoon, the performers randomly picked medals off of trees, each medal specified their position in the running order. The running order is as follows:

  1. Mexico – Jorge Roman
  2. Romania – Felicia Dunaf
  3. Latvia – Dzhonni
  4. Kazakhstan – Adam
  5. Israel - Anna Timofey
  6. Cuba - Samantha Echevarría
  7. Georgia - Andrea Gvelesiani
  8. Argentina - Celeste Kandy
  9. Ukraine - Marietta Ways
  10. Poland - Ulyasha
  11. Colombia - Brayan
  12. Bulgaria – Yordan Markov
  13. Serbia - Dushan Svilar
  14. Russia - Yekarterina Fyrfa
  15. Montenegro – Kate B
  16. Lithuania - Valeriya Ilin
  17. Macedonia - Darko Ilievski
  18. Czech Republic - Mikhaeyla Gemrotrova
  19. Moldova – Anna Odobesku
  20. Belarus – Alexey Gross
  21. Italy - Elenaor Vekko

On the jury are:

  • Valeriy Leontiev – Head Juror (Russia)
  • Aleksandr Tikhanovich (Belarus)
  • Natalia Mogilevskaya (Ukraine)
  • Konstantin Moskovich (Moldova)
  • Nagima Yeskaliyev (Kazakhstan)
  • Dzhemal Sepiashvili (Georgia)
  • Maryla Rodowicz (Poland)
  • Damir Keji (Croatia)

You can watch the show on delay on Belarus 2 from 22:30 CET.

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