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8 thoughts on “Tonight: Tatarstan Selects For Turkvizyon & Bala Turkvizyon 2015”

  1. I understand less and less of this… I wanted to see Crimeas selection. Nothing indicated it was shown on their broadcaster, and there are almost no record to find at all from their selection. Yesterday I wanted to see the Bashkir selection. Tugan Tel showed no indications what so ever that this show was broadcasted on this channel, even thou they have published statements saying it would be broadcasted at the channel. The live broadcast showed nothing. Still, no information, what so ever, about this contest.

    Now Tatarstan selects. Maidan TV is host. Maidan TVs program for today does not say it would send this competition. This all confuses me. Imagine if Austria, for example, would select their entrant to Eurovision, and no indications what so ever was published one/two days after the selection! Not even a winner.

    Is Turkvision some sort of secret competition, or what is going on… I really do not understand this at all, and I seriously start wondering how it’s possible for Eurovoix to cover this. There is no information at all to find about this, and it’s been like this for 3 years now. The information given is only from the “big” countries, and even then it’s somehow not complete information. And, trust me, I’ve spent a lot of time googling to find information.

    So… Where can i watch the Tatarstan selection, and at what time? I am sorry to say that the arrangers of Turkvision and national selections makes it really difficult to be interested in this shows.

      1. On these articles which are about a national final taking place today we are using information that we have found and sourced in previous articles. In regards to finding information about the contest, we google the variety of names that the contest is reported with across the competing countries to find the news. It is incredibly tedious.

    1. I totally agree with you but it is not true compare with Eurovision. Why? There are so many reasons for it.
      -Türkvizyon broadcasters mostly are not state channels and don’t have anough budget to advertise it
      -Türkvizyon has many changes in a year row that’s why they are not hasty.
      -Türkvizyon has no oppurtunities as Eurovision has. They don’t take money from TV’s and companies, so all responsiblities are on TMB, TÜRKSOY and Culture Capital Co.
      -Some regions are so small (Khakassia, Tyva, Türkmeneli etc.) so, there is no that much atteion on contest and and money issue again…

      That’s why we really should be grateful to TMB and TÜRKSOY because they do very well job. When you look all this negative situations all could be understandable. Last year Türkvizyon songs were better than Eurovision and stage has quality as much as Eurovision stages.
      And i am sure this year it will be as good as last year it happened.

      Thanks to Eurovoix for huge effort and news 🙂

      1. When you put it this way, it all sounds more ovbious. Small states taking place and small broadcasters.

        Turkvizyon is by far a lot better then Eurovision, and it has grown better and better since the first contest. The lack of information amazed me from day one, but it maybe makes senze. I was actually believing Eurovoix had some “agreement” with this broadcasters, because they sometimes give us information that is more or less impossible to find online. Well, Eurovoix do a good job on this, and I think noone is reporting the contest like they do.

        1. We do have a very limited number of contacts at certain broadcasters with regards to information. It is us going out and contacting singers and broadcasters that gets us the information the majority of the time, which isn’t easy when I speak no Russian or Turkish.

  2. I have attended the selection myself. Both selections were mixed into a single concert, so that children and adults were singing in turn. There was also a 15-years-old girl who could not participate in any of the selections due to the age, but she was allowed to sing out of competition. After a brief break, several popular singers from Tatarstan sang their local hits, and the jury, which included previous Tatarstan’s Türkvizyon participants Alina Sharipjanova, Aydar Suleyman, and several other famous singers among the others, announced the results. The head of the jury, Venera Ganieva, then said, that due to the equal points of the possible winners, the jury would have to carry out some additional internal selection in order to determine, which of the winners would be sent to the contest. After several days, the broadcaster would announce the final result.

    The results are: Saida Muhammadjan (Саида Мухаметзянова, Russia’s The Voice Kids 2 (2015) finalist) won the selection for Bala Turkvizyon Song Contest, the winner for the adults’ Turkvizyon Song Contest is not known currently, but will be either Ilnar Miranov (Илнар Миранов) or Yamle Qizlar (Ямьле Кызлар) all-female band. Both of them got the most points from the jury.

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