Tonight: The Final of the 3rd Turkvizyon Song Contest

It's the final
It’s the final

Tonight the final of the 3rd edition of the Turkvizyon Song Contest comes live from the Yahya Kemal Beyatlı Gösteri Merkezi in Istanbul, Turkey. The show is live from 15:30 CET.

A total of 21 countries stretching from Germany in the west to Kazakhstan in the east will be taking to the stage all vying to win the largest song contest for the Turkic World. This years contest will see debuts from Sandžak (Serbia) and Syria, while Belarus, Kosovo and Northern Cyprus all return to the stage after a one year break. This years contest however does not feature any of the 11 Russian regions that had signed up to participate, they have all withdrawn due to being banned from competing by the Russian Government.

The winner of the competition is selected by the votes of one jury member from each of the competing nations. Each jury member awards between 1-10 points to each performance. Despite the withdrawal of the Russian singers from the contest, the Russian regions are still expected to be voting tonight these regions are; Altai Republic, Bashkortostan, Crimea, Kabardino-Balkaria & Karachay Chekressia, Khakassia, Kumyk, Moscow, Stavropol Krai, Tatarstan and Tuva.

Taking to the stage tonight are:

  • Albania – Xhoi Bejko & Visar Rexhepi – Adi hasret
  • Azerbaijan – Mehman Tağıyev – Istanbul
  • Belarus – Aleksandra Kazimova – Azadlık
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina – Adis Škaljo – Pa šta
  • Bulgaria – Big Star Life – İstanbul’dayız
  • Gagauzia – Valentina Ormanji – Sev beni sev
  • Georgia – Anar Askerov – Tenha yürek
  • Germany – Derya Kaptan – Sessiz Çığlık
  • Iran – Reza Esbilani – Benim Arzum
  • Iraq – Sirmali – Serenat
  • Kazakhstan – Orda – Olay Emes
  • Kosovo – Tolga Kazaz – Sevmek Günah midir?
  • Kyrgyzstan – Jiidesh İdirisova – Kim bilet
  • Macedonia – Kaan Mazhar – Böyle Olmamalıydı
  • Northern Cyprus – Ipek Amber – Sessiz Gidiş
  • Romania – Edvin Eddy – Seviyorum, Anlasana
  • Serbia – Almedin Varošanin – Iz
  • Syria – Adil Şan – Geliş
  • Turkey – Gorkem Durmaz – Hırçın Sular
  • Ukraine – Anna Mitiolgo – Baaşla bana – Bana hediye et
  • Uzbekistan – KaaPlya feat Hurdona – Azadlık

You can listen to snippets of all of the competing songs below (Kosovo’s song is missing from the official advert):

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