Tunisia: To Debut in the ABU TV Song Festival

Tunisia is set to participate in the ABU TV Song Festival for the first time later this month in Bali, Indonesia.

Tunisia has been announced as the 14th country participating in the ABU TV Song Festival 2016 in Bali, Indonesia. The country will be represented by the singer Olfa Ben Romdhane who will perform the song “The People Asked Me”. The singer is well-known not only in her native Tunisia, but also across North Africa.

This is not the first time that Tunisia has been announced participating in the ABU TV Song Festival. in 2015 the country was announced as participating in the event in Istanbul. However by the end of September Tunisia had been removed from the list of participating countries. Tunisia’s participation in the festival is being organised by the Arab States Broadcasting Union.

A total of 14 countries have now been confirmed as participating in the 5th ABU TV Song Festival on October 22 in Bali, Indonesia. Mongolia and Tunisia will be debuting in this years festival, while China, Sri Lanka and Thailand are all returning to the event. Withdrawing from the ABU TV Song Festival are India, Malaysia and Turkey.

Source: ABU

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