Turkavision: First Contest To Be Held in 2018

The first edition of the Turkavision Song Contest is set to be held in 2018, as preparations on a new contest for the Turkic World continue.

The official logo has been revealed for the Turkavision Song Contest. Furat Emir, the man behind the contest revealed the branding for the contest in the past week on social media. The competition has been given the tagline “Colors of Voice”. Furat Emir is working on the contest alongside Serdar Tuğrul, the General Coordinator of the new contest, as well as Ferman Akgül the front man of the well known Turkish group maNGA.

Details about the contest are still in an early stage, however preparation work is ongoing. The contest will be open to countries of Turkic origin. It is not known at this stage whether a country will be eligible to compete in the contest without a television broadcaster, something which was not required for the Turkvision Song Contest.

Turkavision or Turkvision?

Mr Emir successfuly sued TRT, the Turkish national broadcaster regarding the rights to the Turkvision Song Contest. At the start of this year Mr Emir proved in court that the concept of the Turkvision/Turkvizyon Song Contest was his, having registered the concept of the Turkavision Song Contest in 2008.

During the summer Mr Emir contacted a number of websites to confirm that the Turkvision Song Contest 2017 would no longer be held. Instead the contest would be taken over as the Turkavision Song Contest with Serdar Tuğrul to be the new General Coordinator of the competition.

TMB TV the previous organisers of the Turkvision Song Contest had signed a contract with the Kazakh Government to host the 2017 contest in Astana, however the contract was voided as a result of the Turkish court ruling.

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