Türkçevizyon: 2015 Festival To Take Place September 9-12

24 Countries Will Be Performing
24 Countries Will Be Performing

The 6th edition of Türkçevizyon will take place later this September in Denizli, Turkey.

Türkçevizyon has been held every year since 2009 and is a celebration of Turkish music from across the world. Last year a total of 22 countries participated in the event which is hosted by the Municipality of Denizli and TRT the Turkish national broadcaster. This year 24 countries from across Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East will be participating in the show. The event in contrast to Turkvizyon is not a competitive event, it is a showcase of talent.

Former participants in the show include past Eurovision singers; Sopho Khalvashi (Georgia 2011), Luminita Anghel (Romania 2005) and past Turkvizyon entrants like Ahmet Tuzlu (Iraq 2013 & 2014). The full list of participants will be released in the next couple of weeks, so far the only participant that has been named is Kovács Nóri from Hungary.

Source: Türkçevizyon

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