Turkey: Ordu Boztepe TV To Broadcast Turkvizyon 2015

Ordu Boztepe TV will broadcast Turkvizyon 2015 live

Another Turkish channel has been announced today as broadcasting the final of Turkvizyon 2015 live.

Ordu Boztepe TV will be broadcasting the final of the 3rd Turkvizyon Song Contest live from Istanbul, Turkey. Also broadcasting the contest in Turkey next week are the host broadcaster TMB TV and ATV. Both Ordu Boztepe TV and ATV are broadcasting the contest for the first time, ATV is the 5th most watched channel is Turkey while Ordu Boztepe TV is a regional broadcaster for the Black Sea coast city of Ordu.

Source: Ordu Boztepe TV

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2 replies on “ Turkey: Ordu Boztepe TV To Broadcast Turkvizyon 2015 ”
  1. I will most likely not be able to watch the Bala Türkvizyon final live. Does anyone know about a way I can watch it later without being spoiled? 🙂

    1. I also wont be able to watch Bala Türkvizyon due to work. TMB and other TVs probably will share it on youtube but it might be a bit late for without being spoiled 😀

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