Turkmenistan: Debuts at the ABU TV Song Festival 2017

Turkmenistan will make their debut appearance in the ABU TV Song Festival, next month in Chengdu, China.

Turkmenistan are set to make their first appearance in the ABU TV Song Festival next month, when the festival is held in Chengdu, China. Turkmenistan’s participation is being organised by the¬†State Committee of Turkmenistan for Television, Radio Broadcasting and Cinematography. The broadcaster is the only television network in the country and operates a total of seven channels across Turkmenistan.

The country has yet to reveal the singer or the song that will represent them on stage on November 1st in Chengdu, China. Turkmenistan’s debut in the ABU TV Song Festival, comes one year after they made their first appearance at the ABU Radio Song Festival in 2016. The Radio Song Festival was hosted in Beijing, China with singers from ten countries represented by a total of thirteen singers.

Source: ABU

Since 2012 the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union has organised a non-competitive festival highlighting the talents of its member nations. Countries such as Afghanistan, Brunei, China and the Maldives have participated in the event, showcasing the best of their talented music industry. Songs taking part in the event can be the singers own or a cover. The event is planned to eventually be turned into a competitive contest.
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