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5 thoughts on “Turkmenistan: Withdraws From Turkvizyon 2015?”

  1. Wouldn’t surprise me at all. I have been thinking it’s strange that Turkmenistan would participate since the day it was annonunced they would. They were ripped off from the competition this year in their country, and as far as I was able to understand they were not happy for this.

    1. I don’t think so. Turkmenstan was already not interested in the competation that’s why they did not partipicate in Eskişehir but did in Kazan because Mary was the next capital. According to what we’ve been informed, Turkmenstan did not want to hold Türkvizyon neither in Merv nor in Ashgabat.

  2. Let’s not rule them out until the day before the Grand Final. Last year they almost did the same, and Tuva showed up ready to compete the day before the semifinal, remember? I’m sure this non-formal behavior will be Turkmenistan’s signature in Türkvizyon.

  3. After two competitions I still don’t understand why it’s not possible for organisors to distribute information about the contest. All this lack of information is causing a lot of speculations, and as Daniel says, we do really not know what happends before the final is being broadcasted. The official site still does have a lot of flag on their site of regions that obviously (or not…) is not gonna compete. They seem to not care at all about their “project”.

    Yesterday I was starting wondering… Bala Türkvizyon did not get broadcasted. An happening like that was just follwed by 20-40 reactions on the facebook-site. I seriously start wondering if noone really cares about this competition. I never seen any ratings on how many people really watch it (TÜRKSOY and TMB every year say 300 million, but that is just the number of people who’s able to watch it). I sometimes have a feeling that this is some local garage-band competition set place in a small town, where only a few people cares… and not one of the “biggest” song contests in Europe/Asia. Any thoughts about all this?

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