Turkvision 2014 Director Lina Arifulina To Launch Turkic Singing Contest

Lina Arifulina, the Director and Producer of the Turkvision Song Contest 2014 has announced plans to launch a new Turkic singing contest.

In an interview with Realno Evremya, Mrs Arifulina announced that she would be launching a new television contest “Turkstar” this Autumn. The inspiration for the contest came from her work with the Turkvision Song Contest in 2014 which was held in Kazan, Tatarstan. She stated that unlike the Turkvision Song Contest, Turkstar would be held annually in Kazan, Tatarstan.

Explaining why she has decided to start this new project, Lina stated that:

I do a lot of traveling around the country, and I have schools in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and I always wondered how to develop youth music culture in these countries. And I want young people to develop a culture in modern terms, it is impossible to speak the language of the youth regarding old music. Turkic music was exhibited as a national, ethnic longer, but now the modern Eastern culture is very interesting. So with many folk instruments, can now be used in modern arrangements.

A total of 25 countries are planned to have participants in Turkstar, with plans now underway to work out the best way to organise the concert. Lina added that the key to this show is not just the performances, it is the story of each participant. With 20 to 30 second long video clips telling the viewer more about each performer.

Lina Arifulina is a well-respected TV producer and owns the production company LA Group. LA Group runs courses in television presenting, as well as five-day courses in public speaking. She works not only with television channels and production companies within Russia but also has done a large amount of work in Kazakhstan. In 2016 she worked with the Russian Delegation at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in creating the stage performance.

Source: Realno Evreyma

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