Turkvizyon’15: No Semi Final To Be Held?

The semi final has been dropped?
The semi final has been dropped?

It appears that the semi final for Turkvizyon 2015 will not be being held due to the small number of countries left in the competition.

The news appears to come through promotional material for the Turkvizyon final which displays the flags of 21 of the competing countries and regions in this years contest and makes no mention of the semi final. The semi final was due to be held on December 17 and select a total of 14 countries to go through to the final.

The final of Turkvizyon 2015 takes place on December 19 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Source: Instagram


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2 replies on “ Turkvizyon’15: No Semi Final To Be Held? ”
  1. Well makes sense , under 23 competing songs, qualifying 14 or even 12 songs would be a waste of time (specially since a semi has virtually already taken place (with 10 songs :p).
    I’d argue a semi would still make sense with 23 songs though :p (but with 11 qualifiers obv :p).

    But anyway, Turkvizyon is free style in that aspect, they could even invite a country at the last moment like they did with Tuva last year .
    Which isn’t totally a bad thing, at least it’s an open contest 🙂

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