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8 thoughts on “Turkvizyon’15: Where to Watch The Final”

  1. OK, I need some help again. I’ve tried several of the live streams since ATV Avrupa would not work on my computer for some reason. A lot of the live streams such as TMB and the Kyrgyz and Ukrainian broadcaster works really well, but there are no indications that the show starts at 15:30 CET. The Kyrgyz broadcaster has Türkvizyon in their TV-guide, but there it says it starts 22:00 and last for two hours instead of 20:30 and I didn’t find a TV-guide for the Ukrainian broadcaster, only an article about Türkvziyon which didn’t say a single word about if they will send it at 15:30. Help!!!

    1. The show is confirmed as starting at 15:30 CET, it is in the guide of ATV Avrupa for then, the show will last 2 hours and 30 minutes. TMB TV will be broadcasting the show as well, their schedule page never gets updated so it’s incorrect.

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