Turkvizyon’15: Where to Watch The Final

Gorkem is representing the host nation of Turkey
Gorkem is representing the host nation of Turkey

Ahead of the final of the 3rd Turkvizyon Song Contest here is a full list of all of the channels where you can watch the show and also where you can watch the show online.

  • Azerbaijan – ATV Azerbaijan – here
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina – Hayat TV
  • Gagauzia – GRT Television
  • Georgia – Marmueli Television – here
  • Germany – Türkshow
  • Iraq – Turkmenli Television
  • Kazakhstan – Khabar TV – here (Only within Kazakhstan)
  • Kyrgyzstan – KRTK – here
  • Macedonia – MRT 2 – here
  • Northern Cyprus – Kibris Genc TV
  • Romania – Alpha Media TV
  • Turkey – ATV Avrupa – here
  • Turkey – Kral TV – here
  • Turkey – Ordu Boztepe TV – here
  • Turkey – TMB TV – here
  • Ukraine – Yuzhnaya Volna TV – here

The show is live from 15:30 CET.

8 replies on “ Turkvizyon’15: Where to Watch The Final ”
  1. OK, I need some help again. I’ve tried several of the live streams since ATV Avrupa would not work on my computer for some reason. A lot of the live streams such as TMB and the Kyrgyz and Ukrainian broadcaster works really well, but there are no indications that the show starts at 15:30 CET. The Kyrgyz broadcaster has Türkvizyon in their TV-guide, but there it says it starts 22:00 and last for two hours instead of 20:30 and I didn’t find a TV-guide for the Ukrainian broadcaster, only an article about Türkvziyon which didn’t say a single word about if they will send it at 15:30. Help!!!

    1. The show is confirmed as starting at 15:30 CET, it is in the guide of ATV Avrupa for then, the show will last 2 hours and 30 minutes. TMB TV will be broadcasting the show as well, their schedule page never gets updated so it’s incorrect.

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