Turkvizyon’16: Contest To Be Held in Antalya?

Turkvizyon moves host city?
Turkvizyon moves host city?

According to the Head of Delegation for Azerbaijan, Turkvizyon 2016 is to be held in Antalya.

Ms Subhane Isgenderova of ATV in Azerbaijan was asked by a fan of the contest where this years contest was due to be held, to which she replied that Antalya will be the host city this year. The news means that the contest may well be moved from Istanbul which hosted last years contest.

Moves to the venue of Turkvizyon are not unknown, last year the contest was announced as being held in two different cities in Turkmenistan before being announced as being held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Source: Ms Subhane Isgenderova

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  1. That would be great! Antalya is one of the most known tourism cities in the world and municipality may support organisation. After Expo 2016 Antalya and now Türkvizyon! So happy!

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