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7 thoughts on “Turkvizyon’16: Contest To Be Held In Baku, Azerbaijan”

  1. Great 🙂

    The Last good ESC edition was held in Baku imo 🙂 (won’t explain why, it’s off-topic)

    Now Crystall Hall to be the venue please 🙂 (they can use the other one for Bala Turkvizyon :))

    At least we know for sure Turkvizyon 2016 will be held in Baku, they will host it 100% seriously as usual and I doubt they’ll change their minds or won’t be able to host

    1. I am afraid I’m starting to have a hard time taking Eurovoix seriously. One day after 2015 competition is over, you announce Baku as the host of 2016, even thou you know that it was officially stated by the arrangers that the Cultural Capital of 2016 would be the arrangers of the competition in 2016. And, you base this on Dr. Eurovision. A guy who got special connections in TÜRKSOY? A guy who got special connections in TMB TV? A guy who knows more than most others? Where is the link to this statement of Dr. Eurovision? Is this something he just plumbed out in his facebookaccount, or something he wrote in Or, something he phoned Eurovoix to tell? Don’t you think it’s about time to let the host broadcaster, the host gouverments or the organizors of this contest to announce this news, before you make some unofficial news a truth, or is it more important to just produce news, that are not really news?

  2. Confirmed, out of what? You name Dr. Eurovision as source. Is Dr. Eurovision the one to tell where the competition will be held? The Turkvision facebook-account have pronounced Baku as the host city since the day it was known Sheki was cultural capital – and they do not base this on anything else than assuptions. Do you all make news for yourselves based on assumptions, or is there any official source for this? Or, is this fantastic Dr. Eurovision knowing something eighter Azerbajdsjan, TÛRSOY or anyone else knows?

  3. Dr Eurovision was on the German delegation in Istanbul and sat in discussions with the organisers all week. He has been incredibly helpful to the website and has been a reliable source of information. The information was on a tweet this evening, I trust what he says and deem him to be a reliable source.

    I would gladly use the official website as a source if they were effective at giving out information. The organisers all week failed to mention that Kosovo was participating in Bala Turkvizyon, didn’t not name the Kosovan participants. They never released a running order for either event or a full list of participants. Reporting on the contest is never straight forward and it is almost impossible to solely rely on for information. Azerbaijan has been known as hosting for a month now since Turksoy announced the country as being home to the Turkic Capital of Culture for next year and at the time we noted that Sheki lacked the venues needed to host and said it was likely Baku would host.

    Trying to get clear information is always going to be hard with this contest. And we try to give you the news as best as we can.

    1. I think you does a great job revealing news about Türkvizyon. Eurovoix-World is really helpful since it’s the only website in English with so detailed news about the contest. 🙂

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