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3 thoughts on “Turkvizyon’16: Host City Confirmed As Istanbul”

  1. With all due respect, but you are the only one who discussed that it could be held in Antalya. Statements like “some Turkvizyon-fan asked some random person where would Turkvizyon be”, and the answer is “Antalya”… Well, think about it yourself…

    1. I have spoken with members of the German delegation and they confirmed that discussions were held in December and at the time it was being put forward to host the contest in Antalya. This has resulted in the Azeri delegation member who was asked thinking that the contest would be held there.

    2. To be fair, no news is 100% reliable until the day of the contest.
      I am very grateful to eurovoix-world for their huge effort covering the contest!
      Keep up the great work!!

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