Turkvizyon’16: Russian Participation Dependent on Better Relations

Turkvizyon 2014
Turkvizyon 2014 hosted in Kazan, Tatarstan

Russian participation in Turkvizyon 2016 is looking unlikely with the country and its regions participation dependent on relations with Turkey.

The Head of Maidan TV, the broadcaster in charge of the Republic of Tatarstan’s participation in Turkvizyon, has informed Eurovoix-World.com that their participation is dependent on better relations between Russia and Turkey. The shooting down of a Russian fighter jet in November of 2015 saw Russia’s relations with Turkey hit a low, with the Russian Ministry of Culture suspending all Russian members of TURKSOY’s existing relationships. This lead to the withdrawal of 13 Russian regions from the contest.

Mr Dalvetshin added that until a point that relations between Russia and Turkey improve their participation in the contest is a big question. The following regions of Russia have participated in Turkvizyon or intended to participate in the contest:

  • Altai Republic
  • Bashkortostan
  • Chuvashia
  • Crimea
  • Dagestan
  • Kabardino-Balkaria
  • Karachay-Cherkessia
  • Kemerovo
  • Khakassia
  • Kumyk
  • Moscow
  • Stavropol Krai
  • Tatarstan
  • Tuva
  • Yakutia

Source: Maidan TV

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