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3 thoughts on “Turkvizyon’16: To Be Held in the Yahya Kemal Beyatli Cultural Centre”

  1. I have a strong feeling they are gonna make this an annual event in Istanbul, Turkey. This would probably in the long run just make the whole thing boring and un-interesting, and an event that is gonna dissapear between a long range of other music competitions and music festivals. What I like about Turkvizyon, is that it had a lot of things Eurovision do not have anymore. I am also strongly against the Turkish arrangers secret-keeping of the voting results. There is no way to check the results for errors (like the big errors in 2014) and the exitement about it all is bigger when the individual results are presented. But, it’s their competition… not mine… Different cultures, different ways of doing things.

      You pointed out exactly what I thought. Since Eurovision has turned so mainstream, Türkvizyon was a nice alternative. Of course there is some chaos, especially when a project is new and there are no real rules, so Türkvizyon needs time.

      I agree with you, if it’s going to be held in Istanbul or Turkey only, it will harm the contest sooner or later.
      Maybe for this year it is a wise choice, especially after the chaotic last year.
      Still, rules need to be found to determine the host. The capital of the turkic world is kind of stupid because it implies that hosting is limited to maybe ten or twelve nations only, but this is just an assumption.

      I really hope, TMB TV will create some strict rules to prevent all the last minute news and rules.

  2. Capital of turkic world is also limiting the contest to a lot of small towns, unable to host it anyway. It is more likely that a small town, rich of culture, would be appointed cultural capital than a bigger town with arenas fit for a big event (that probably wanna grow bigger and bigger). But, actually that would be one of the good things about it all… if it were held in this small towns. Imagine watching a broadcast from Mary or Seki. For me I would get a bigger touch of it all if it was arranged in this small local venues (theater or consert houses) than on this huge arenas. When only a couple of thousand people meet up anyway, it is actually better to have a small, but filled up house, than a huge house with half on half empy seats and filled seats. They should adopt one Eurovision-rule. The winner country is hosting it the following year, and they are set to decide what city. I think maybe one of the problems with the competition is that the “member” broadcasters are relatively small broadcasters. Maybe not Azeri ATV or German Turkshow ever will be fit or equipped to host this shows anyway.

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