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6 thoughts on “Turkvizyon’16: Turkey To Host Turkvizyon 2016”

  1. NOOO!
    Last year I was already disappointed when TMB announced that Turkey would host instead of Turkmenistan.
    And now they will host again?
    Sorry, but both of their productions were so crappy.
    Kazan 2014 was the only professional contest imo.

    1. It says “…Aralık 2016’da yine Türkiye’de görkemli bir gala gecesiyle yarışacak.” which is translated to English as “…will take place in Turkiye in december 26th with a great gala show, again”. But still it doesn’t certain because of TMB 🙂
      I tweethed to TMB why they make it in Turkiye but still didn’t get a respond.

  2. Since Turkey will host again this year, I hope they will improve their production a lot, and I hope we can get more information about the contest (like all countries, artists and songs announced at least a week before the contest).

    I can also add the following:

    – Find a big arena to host both contests. Not a university.
    – Better song quality in Bala Türkvizyon.
    – Rules more strict so we don’t get under-age participants in Bala Türkvizyon again.
    – Skip those 30 minutes of talking. No one cares about what being said (I have not found anyone yet).
    – All Russian regions back.

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