Turkvizyon’16: What We Know So Far

The 2015 Contest was held in Istanbul, Turkey
The 2015 Contest was held in Istanbul, Turkey

It’s now four months into 2016 and we still know very little about what will be the 4th edition of the Turkvizyon Song Contest, so we decided to take a look at what we do know this year.

We could be off to Baku?
We could be off to Baku?

Where will it be held?

We know that Sheki, Azerbaijan is the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World for 2016, this in past years would indicate that the city would be hosting Turkvizyon however last years debacle over hosting the contest has changed this. We already know that Sheki does not have a venue that would be capable of hosting the contest which means if we do head to Azerbaijan we would end up in Baku. If we do end up in Baku there are two very obvious venues that would be capable of hosting the contest. The Heydar Aliyev Sports and Exhibition Complex and the Baku Crystal Hall, both have played host to concerts and large contests in the past.

However there is also a possibility that we may end with the contest going to Kazakhstan for the first time. There were murmurings at the end of December when the contest was being held that Kazakhstan want to host the contest and are very willing to put on the event. As it stands due to the lack of news regarding the event it appears that no decision over the venue has been taken, which means we may be looking at another announcement not being made until late August or early September such as in 2015.

Who will be competing?

Yamle want to sing for Tatarstan
Yamle want to sing for Tatarstan

As it stands we know that a total of five countries and regions are wanting to participate in the 2016 contest, these countries and regions are:

  • Azerbaijan – Launched their selection process last month.
  • Germany – Confirmed they are interested to Eurovoix World last week.
  • Sandžak – Confirmed their interest in participating for a second time at the start of March.
  • Stavropol Krai – Stated in December 2015 that despite their withdrawal from the contest in 2015 that they wished to participate in 2016.
  • Tatarstan – Yamle Group who were selected to represent the region in 2015 said they intended to take part in 2016 for Tatarstan.

What will be interesting to watch is to see whether the regions of Russia will be taking part in this years contest. With the event looking to be held in either Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan, the conflict with Turkey will be reduced significantly. This means we could see the returns and debut of:

  • Altai Republic
  • Bashkortostan
  • Crimea
  • Kabardino-Balkaria
  • Karachay-Cherkessia
  • Khakassia
  • Kumyk
  • Moscow
  • Tuva
  • Yakutia

It does however mean that it is very unlikely we will be seeing either Kosovo or Northern Cyprus taking part in the 2016 contest. Both countries are not recognised by either Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan, Northern Cyprus has already had to withdraw in the past due to issues with attending the contest.

What could we expect from the staging of the contest?

The 2013 Turkvizyon Song Contest
The 2013 Turkvizyon Song Contest

Both Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan are countries trying to assert there place on the global stage, they will want to be putting on a spectacle event that shows off the very best of their countries.

Azerbaijan has already hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 which was the most expensive contest that the Eurovision Song Contest has ever seen. I would not expect such a lavish and grandly staged event for the Turkvizyon Song Contest, but a return most likely to the 2014 staging style of the contest. Tatarstan spent $4 million on hosting the contest that year and produced what is to date arguably the most impressive event.

From Kazakhstan you only have to look at the productions they have put on for both their Turkvizyon and Bala Turkvizyon selections to be hopeful of a well produced event. Kazakhstan every year since Turkvizyon was first held has produced a high quality national final in Astana with the highest production values of any Turkvizyon selection process. Take a look at their 2015 selection process:

What’s next?

We are continuing to contact broadcasters regarding their interest in participating in the 2016 contest and have tried to contact the organisers of Turkvizyon multiple times over the past three months and to date have had no reply.

Eurovoix-World.com will continue to be your source of information for everything Turkvizyon.

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  1. I don’t think we can expect a show like when Eurovision was hosted in Azerbajdsjan. Remember Eurovision was hosted by the biggest broadcaster, while Turkvizyon will be hosted by a small broadcaster. When looking at clips from their Azerbajdsjani Sesi, I have problems believing it will be that great as for example Eurovision. Aserbajdsjani Sesi is so amateur, and looks more or less like a show put together at a small local broadcaster. I also doubt ATV will afford hosting a show, not even closely as significant as Eurovision, in some of their biggest arenas (as the one Eurovision was hosted in). It will cost them a large amount of money, and Turkvizion are not funded by a big organisation like EBU (TURKSOY is a big organisation, but it don’t seem like they put even closely as much money into this as EBU does).

    I belive a show hosted by Khabar in Kazakhstan would be great, so I look forward for a Turkvision from Astana or Almaty in the future.

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