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1 thought on “Turkvizyon’16: What We Know So Far”

  1. I don’t think we can expect a show like when Eurovision was hosted in Azerbajdsjan. Remember Eurovision was hosted by the biggest broadcaster, while Turkvizyon will be hosted by a small broadcaster. When looking at clips from their Azerbajdsjani Sesi, I have problems believing it will be that great as for example Eurovision. Aserbajdsjani Sesi is so amateur, and looks more or less like a show put together at a small local broadcaster. I also doubt ATV will afford hosting a show, not even closely as significant as Eurovision, in some of their biggest arenas (as the one Eurovision was hosted in). It will cost them a large amount of money, and Turkvizion are not funded by a big organisation like EBU (TURKSOY is a big organisation, but it don’t seem like they put even closely as much money into this as EBU does).

    I belive a show hosted by Khabar in Kazakhstan would be great, so I look forward for a Turkvision from Astana or Almaty in the future.

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