Tuva: Ay-Kys Kyrgys Competes in The Voice Kids Russia

Ay-Kys Kyrgys who was selected to represent Tuva at Bala Turkvision 2015 is competing in the Voice Kids in Russia.

14 year old Ay-Kys from Tuva is competing in the fourth season of the Voice Kids in Russia. The singer who missed out on competing in the third season due to her late performance in the auditions, was selected in the blind auditions round. The young singer has already had success on Russian television, winning the competition “Blue Bird” which was organised by Russia-1.

Ay-Kys was selected by Dima Bilan to join his team in the competition. Dima Bilan won the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade, Serbia in 2008 with the song “Believe”. He was the first Russian singer to win the contest and brought the competition to Moscow, Russia the following year.

The young Tuvan singer was due to represent the Russian region on their debut in the Bala Turkvision Song Contest in 2015. However she was forced to withdraw from the contest in Istanbul, Turkey along with all other participants from Russia due to a deterioration in relations between the two countries. Since 2015 Tuva has not made any public announcement regarding participating in Bala Turkvision or the Turkvision Song Contest.

In her blind audition Ay-Kys Kyrgys performed “I Will Survive”, watch her performance below:

Source: Channel One

The Bala Turkvision Song Contest was first held in 2015. The contest is the children’s version of the Turkvision Song Contest. Participants in the contest must be aged between 8 and 15 and perform their song in a Turkic language. The winner of the contest is decided by a jury made up one person representing each competing country. The winner of the first contest were Azerbaijan who were represented by Nuray & Ahmed and the song “Cocukluk Yillari”.
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