Ukraine: Natalia Papazoglou To Turkvizyon 2016

Ukraine has selected Natalia Papazoglou to represent them at the fourth edition of the Turkvizyon Song Contest.

Natalia Papazoglou was selected from four singers who took part in the audition round in Odessa yesterday. The audition round took place at the Hotel Atlantic with Olga Taushanzhi, Nikolay Cholak, Yuliya Mitioglo (Sister of Anna Mitioglo Turkvizyon 2015 participant) and Natalia Papazoglou taking to the stage. The jury that selected the participant was made up of:

  • Aleksander Leonov – Head of TRK Yuzhnaya volna
  • Dankevicha Zhanna Kazachenko – Teacher at the Odessa Music College
  • Nadezhda Malenkova – Presenter of the Gagauz language television program “Ana Tarafi”
  • Yury Dimchoglo – Deputy Chairman of the Odessa Regional Council

Natalia is already known to Ukrainian audiences having participated in the X-Factor Ukraine in 2015, making it to week six of the live shows, she finished fourth in the series. She also attempted to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

Watch one of Natalia’s X-Factor performances below:

Source: TRK Yuzhnaya volna

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  1. That isn’t her foto.
    I’m from Ukraine and I know that it is foto of another girl,who also participated in the X-Factor.

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