Ukraine: Natalie Papazoglu Releases “Ne Voroh” Music Video

Natalie Papazoglu who is representing Ukraine at Turkvision has released the official music video for “Ne Voroh”.

The music video for “Ne Voroh” has been viewed over 10,000 times since it was released just under a week ago. The song which translates as “No Enemy” is about internal fears within a country and not about war itself. “Ne Voroh” was originally released over the summer but the music video which Natalie has been working on for a number of months has been released in the past week.

Natalie added that:

I would not want to make this work exclusively associated with the war – it has a global sense. It is against the internal fears, inner anxiety, that not only our society is experiencing due to the events that take place here, but that feels at all anywhere in the world a man who sees war . People say that to blame the war, but there is a deeper problem – its internal fears. I want people to understand this is going on and not afraid to give a helping hand. If we overcome apathy, we can overcome all evil

The theme of the music video tackles the issue of suicide among military veterans, Natalie states that:

This video is dedicated to the problem of suicide among veterans. In the video we find the soldier, which closed in itself – which is why he blindfolded. It is closed from the outside world and the underwater footage symbolises his own inner world. And now as the main character gives him a hand and saves from suicide.

Natalie Papazoglu will be representing Ukraine at the 4th edition of the Turkvision Song Contest. The singer will be performing the song “Tikenli yol” in the Gagauz language. In an interview with Eurovoix World, Natalie spoke of her desire to win the contest and what it meant to perform at such an event.

Source: Vikna

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