Vlad Sytnik has been selected to represent Ukraine in the International Pop Song Performers Category at Slavianski Bazaar 2017.

Vlad Sytnik has been selected to represent Ukraine at the 26th edition of Slavianksi Bazarr in Vibetsk, Belarus. The singer beat off competition from twenty other singers who competed in the selection process last weekend. 26-year-old Vlad has been performing since he was a child and has won 15 vocal competitions over his career. He has previously competed in the Voice Ukraine and finished third in the first season of the competition.

Vlad was selected by a jury consisting of:

  • Zlata Ognevich – Eurovision 2013 participant for Ukraine
  • Mikhail Nekrasov – Composer
  • Irina Slepushova – Television Producer
  • Anatoliy Solovyanenko – Head of the Ukrainian National Opera
  • Nataliya Skopets – Representative of the organising committee for Slavianski Bazaar
  • Vlad Baginskiy – Head Judge – Producer from UA.Перший

To date Ukraine has won Slavianski Bazaar at total of four times making them the second most successful country in the history of the International Pop Song Performers Contest. The last Ukrainian singer to win the contest was Natalya Krasnyanskaya in 2007, prior to her victory the country’s most recent victory came with Ruslana in 1996. Ruslana went on to win the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 with her song “Wild Dances”, she remains one of the biggest stars in Ukraine and has toured across the globe.

Source: Vesti-ukr

Slavianski Bazaar has been held annually in Vibetsk, Belarus since 1992. The event consists of two competitive contests, the International Pop Song Performers Contest for singers age 18 to 31, and the Children’s Contest for those age between 7 and 12. The competition is popular in the former Soviet Union, Baltic States and the Balkans. Winners include Ruslana, Zeljko Joksimovic, Donny Montell and Alyona Lanskaya. The Children’s Contest has been held since 2003 and former winners include singers who have gone on to compete in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. This includes former winner Ksenia Sitnik who won for Belarus in 2005.