Uzbekistan: Aziza Nizamova Releases “Bekat”

The 2014 Turkvision entrant from Uzbekistan, Aziza Nizamova has released her latest single “Bekat” (Station).

Aziza Nizamova the 2014 Turkvision participant from Uzbekistan has released her latest single “Bekat”. The song is an upbeat pop number, featuring a catchy chorus and an earworm of a backing track. “Bekat” is the first single that Aziza has released in 2017 and is a change of style from the singer who has previously focused on emotional ballads.

Since participating in the Turkvision Song Contest, Aziza has established herself in the Uzbek music scene, performing a number of duets and working with a wide variety of artists. She has also become involved in work with UNICEF, encouraging children to wash their hands using soap to help reduce the spread of disease.

Aziza Nizamova represented Uzebekistan at the 2014 Turkvision Song Contest in Kazan, Tatarstan. The singer performed “Dunyo boʻlsin omon” (World peace) in Kazan, finishing in 7th place in the final with 183 points. The result remains the best result for Uzbekistan in the contest.

Uzbekistan was one of 25 countries and regions to take part in the first edition of the Turkvision Song Contest. Represented by Nilufar Usmonova they qualified for the final. In the final Nilufar performed “Unutgin” finishing 11th out of 12 countries. The countries best result to date is 7th place in 2014 when Aziza Nizamova performed “Dunyo bolsin omon” in Kazan, Tatarstan. The countries worst result came in 2015 when KaaPlya and Hurdona finished last in the final scoring just 119 points.
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