Vina Del Mar’17: Danay Suárez Keeps Cuba’s Hopes Of Victory Alive

Danay Suárez the Cuban participant in Vina Del Mar 2017, has managed to replicate the success of his first performance on Monday night.

Last night the first three performances of the second round took place in Chile, with three singers from both the International Contest and Folk Contest returning to the stage. All bar one of the performers either managed to match or improve on their scores from the judges.

The judging panel for this years contest are:

  • Rio Roma
  • Mon Laftere
  • Mario Domm
  • Mariela Encarnacion
  • Gaston Bernardou
  • Lali Esposito
  • Maluma
  • Carolina Varleta
  • Power Peralta
  • Marcela Pino

The results of the folk contest after the first performances are:

  • Argentina: Ceci Méndez – Un Certain Flâneur – 4.1 – Increase of 0.3 points
  • Colombia: Puerto Sabana – Elisa la alegre – 5.2 – Increase of 0.5 points
  • Venezuela: Lydia Arosemena – El platanal – 4.7 – Fall of 0.3 points

The results of the international contest after the first performances are:

  • Chile – Daniel Parraguez – Solo por esta noche 5.3 – Increase of 0.2 points
  • Cuba – Danay Suárez – Yo aprendí – 6.1 – No change in score
  • Mexico – Jass Reyes – Cielo en llamas – 5.5 – No change in score

Tonight will see the remaining three artists from each competition take to the stage again. Once the three performers have taken to the stage again, the finalists will be decided. The three singers who received the highest scores over the two performances will qualify for the final from each competition. Currently Cuba and Spain lead the International Contest, while Chile and Peru are tied in the Folk Contest.

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