Vina Del Mar’17: Danay Suárez Wins International Contest

Danay Suárez from Cuba has won the International Contest at the Vina del Mar International Song Festival 2017, while Chile win the Folk Contest.

The final of the Vina del Mar International Song Festival 2017 took place last night in Chile, with two new winners being crowned by the jury. In the International Contest it was Cuba’s Danay Suárez who won the jury over with her song “Yo aprendí”, she had been leading the contest the entire week. She won with an average score of 6.2 points per judge, she beat Spain’s Salvador Beltrán by 02. points per jury.

In the Folk Contest, Chile once again reigned victorious, they were represented by Trifussa with the song “Carnavalito de la esperanza”, they scored an average of 6 points per juror. In second place also scoring 6 points per judge were the participants from Peru, Afrocandela with the song “Baila mi festejo”.

Cuba’s victory in the International Contest is the first time that the nation has won competition in Vina Del Mar’s 57 year history. While Chile’s victory in the folk contest is the 10th time since 2001 that they have won the competition. The victory continues a six year run of the nation winning the Folk Competition.

The results of the folk contest were:

  • Argentina: Ceci Méndez – Un Certain Flâneur – DNQ
  • Chile: Trifussa – Carnavalito de la esperanza – 6.0 – 1st
  • Colombia: Puerto Sabana – Elisa la alegre – DNQ
  • Haiti: 4 Harmony – Peyi a – 5.8 – 3rd
  • Peru: Afrocandela – Baila mi festejo – 6.0 – 2nd
  • Venezuela: Lydia Arosemena – El platanal – DNQ

The results of the international contest after the first performances are:

  • Chile – Daniel Parraguez – Solo por esta noche 5.1 – DNQ
  • Colombia – Arevalo – Así no más – 4.5  – DNQ
  • Cuba – Danay Suárez – Yo aprendí – 6.2 – 1st
  • Italy – Irene Fornaciari – Questo Tempo – 5.1 – DNQ
  • Mexico – Jass Reyes – Cielo en llamas – 5.7 – 3rd
  • Spain – Salvador Beltrán – Dónde estabas tú – 6.0 – 2nd
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