Vina Del Mar’17: Spain Wins International Contest With Victory Taken From Cuba

Salvador Beltrán of Spain has been announced as the winner of the International Contest at the Vina del Mar International Song Festival 2017 following Cuba breaching contest rules.

Salvador Beltrán has won the International Contest of this years Vina Del Mar International Song Contest with the song “Dónde estabas tú”. Victory was handed to Salvador of Spain after it emerged that Danay Suárez had changed the lyrics of her song in the final performance. Danay had topped the jury voting throughout the week and was thought to be the winner after her performance on Friday night.

Danay still received a silver seagull for her performance but had her victory removed from her. Instead Spain has now won the contest a total of six times. This year was exactly ten years on from the last Spanish victory in the contest when Pedro Fernández and Valderrama Díaz performed “Cuando quieras volver”.

The results of the contest are as follows:

  • Chile – Daniel Parraguez – Solo por esta noche 5.1 – DNQ
  • Colombia – Arevalo – Así no más – 4.5  – DNQ
  • Cuba – Danay Suárez – Yo aprendí – 6.2 – (Diqualified)
  • Italy – Irene Fornaciari – Questo Tempo – 5.1 – DNQ
  • Mexico – Jass Reyes – Cielo en llamas – 5.7 – 2nd
  • Spain – Salvador Beltrán – Dónde estabas tú – 6.0 – 1st

Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest will recognise the winner of this years Vina del Mar International Song Festival 2017. Salvador Beltrán attempted to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, he finished 3rd in the countries selection, he was last in the televote and with the studio jury but was the international juries favourite.

Source: Chilevision

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